Benutzerfreundliches User Interface
  • We have paid special attention to the usability of Virtual 3D Systems. Its modern, intuitive and clear user interface makes it easy to work on the virtual machine!
  • Virtual 3D Systems was designed by practical people for practical people: It has all the necessary functions, nothing more, nothing less.

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Import and Display CAD Data

Importieren von CAD Daten
  • You do not need a CAD program to work with Virtual 3D Systems. We import the most popular CAD formats, such as * .step files.
  • Changes in the CAD data can be imported again.
  • The 3D representation of the model, such as the color or visibility of individual components, can be easily changed after importing.

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Ändern von CAD Eigenschaften

Configuration of the Virtual Machine

  • Add actuators, sensors, math blocks and more from an extensive library on your digital machine and link them in a clear graphical representation.
  • You can simulate the complex behavior of your machine by combining simple basic elements. No matter if it is the movement of an axis or the communication protocol of an actuator.
  • Extend the library with your own components thanks to an API.

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  • Depending on your requirements, you can choose from several integrated solid-state simulations.
  • The solid state simulation can be activated for every 3D object. Virtual 3D Systems then ensures proper preparation to guarantee a high-performance simulation.
  • Work on the same project with several people. Multi-user capability is an integral part of Virtual 3D Systems.

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Verknüpfen von Ein- und Ausgängen

Connecting to Controllers

  • Connect Virtual 3D Systems with controllers from a wide variety of manufacturers, whether it’s PLC, virtual PLC, robot controllers, Arduino or Raspberry PI. This is Hardware in the Loop!
  • Whichever protocol you’re using, OPC-UA, ProfiNet or others, we can do it.
  • Thanks to the integrated diagnostics tools, you always have an overview of the state of your virtual machine and control system.
  • Later, you can use the digital machine as an intelligent HMI on the real machine and create a whole new user experience.

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